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Manage the room and control the occupancy of the tables

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Design the different rooms of your establishment with different models of tables and bars. Control everything graphically, print subtotals per table. You can join and divide them easily.

Take orders at the table and send them to the kitchen


Optimizes the service and improves customer service, reducing service times with tablets for table service. It is integrated with kitchen screens, for the display of the pending dishes to prepare and serve, as well as the time since the request.

Optimize working hours and hours

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Control the presence and absence of staff. Plan schedules, shifts and working hours, saving time and costs in management.

Production tokens

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Define the composition of each dish to control costs and the stock of raw materials. Defines the sale price of the dishes based on their production cost.

Our amazing

POS solutions

Manage your Restaurant with URS solutions, scalable and adapted to each type and size of business. We offer an integrated solution that covers the needs of the restaurant and improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases the benefits of business.

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NCC Reflection POS is powered by the most feature-rich software of any product in its class. This system is designed for a wide variety of restaurant concepts including Quick Service, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Pizza Delivery, Bars and Nightclubs. Reflection POS has the functionality to meet the demands of most restaurant operations.

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• Casual Dining
• Family Style Restaurants
• Bar/Restaurants
• Quick Service Restaurants
• Sandwich
• Bakery
• Pizza
• Coffee
• Taco

• Hamburger
• Ice Cream and Yogurt
• Deli’s
• Specialty Foods
• Specialty Gourmet
• Concessions
• Liquor Stores
• Beer/Wine.

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