Tabby 4web

Tabby 4web


Tabby provides a contemporary platform that is easy to use and maintain, but without the budget strains and complexity of a full-scale POS system. With minimal assistance, merchants can setup their own store database; establish items, prices, departments, groups and other options. Operation is intuitive; tablet-savvy operators are productive after just minutes of instruction.

Data Stored Locally – Not in the Cloud

  • Daily X & Z Reports
  • Sales Statistics Reports
  • Payments Reports
  • Payment Statistic Reports
  • Group Reports
  • Operator Reports
  • Item Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Department Reports
  • Journal Management – Search, Review, or Reprint Receipts from the Electronic Journal
  • Sales Overview Dashboard
  • Details Sales Charts and Graphs


  • Connects to up to 8 point of sale devices
  • Tabby’s two serial ports support up to 4 devices
  • Supports up to 4 printers (Tabby printer plus 3 Ethernet/WiFi printers)
  • Each printer can drive up to two cash drawers


  • Tabby does not rely on tablet or device resources
  • No application to install – adding or replacing a tablet or mobile device can be done “out of the box”. Simply open your browser and enter Tabby’s IP address
  • Price changes and managerial updates take effect simultaneously to all devices without work flow disruption
  • Remote management is inherently ready
  • No Internet is required, but connection may be desired for emailed reports or remote access

Tabby Capacities and Features

  • Token Recepit                                                                 10.000 Items
  • Inventory Level Reporting and Stock Shortage Warning       100 Groups
  • Prints Receipt Messages and Logos                                    80 Tenders
  • Four Price Lists/Levels Available for Each Item                    40 Discounts
  • Log In Security for Tabby Operators and Backoffice             8 Operators
  • Flexible, Easy-to Configure Display Layour                          1,000 Client Accounts
  • Remote Managment                                                         50 Tables
  • Email Reports (Gift Receipt)