Printing inks and ribbons are getting harder to find more and more but we can provide the inks and ribbons that is needed for your printer. We offer pricing for each ribbon or offer bulk pricing as well. Please feel free to call us with any questions.



Ink ERC-18 Each                                       

Ink ERC-30/34/38 Purp/Red Each               

Ink ERC-30/34/38 W/MOBI Each                

Ink ERC-23 Purple Each                             

Ink ERC-37 Purple Each                             

Ink ERC-39 Purple Each                             

Ink ERC-41 Purp/Red Each                         

Star Micronics Purple Each                          

Star SP-300 Purple Each                             

TEC MA-1040 Each                                    

TEC MA-1450/1650 Purple Each                  

TEC MA2200 w/out eyelet Each