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SCA USA Measurements US-PC60


The SCA USA Measurements US-PC60 “The Pricer” price computing scale is NTEP approved for legal trade, ideal for produce, meat, and grocery sales. It features a stainless steel 11″x8″ platform, multi-interval keyboard, tare functions, AC/DC adapter, battery power, USB/serial outputs, and unit conversion. Optional label printer and time/date display.

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  • Multi-Interval Keyboard
  • 30 lb x .01 lb / 60 lb x .02 lb Capacity
  • 11”x8” Stainless Steel Platter
  • Tare Semi-Automatic (Push Button) Tare
  • AC to DC Adapter
  • Battery Power Supply
  • Battery saving feature (auto shut-off)
  • Programmable Tare with PLUs
  • Unit Conversion (external)
  • RS-232 Port Serial outputs
  • Automatic Zero Tracking (AZT)
  • Semi-Automatic Zero Setting Mechanism (SAZSM)
  • Initial Zero Setting Mechanism (IZSM)
  • Price per lb, kg or oz
  • Alphanumeric display
  • Label Printer optional, Time & Date
FS_kg/lb/oz :30kg / 60lb / 1000oz
Division :0-15kg: 5g  / 15-30kg: 10g
0-30lb: 0.01lb / 30-60lb: 0.02lb
0-400oz: 0.2oz / 400-1000oz: 0.5oz
Max Display Weight:30.09kg  / 60.18lb / 1004.5oz
Tare range :15kg / 30lb / 400oz
RS232 :Included
Max memory(PLU) :265 including 9 direct PLU(Addr: 1-9)
Zero range :Power-on zero range:calibration zero point-3% to calibration zero point+10%FS
Zero Key range:power-on zero ± 2% FS
LCD display :0.56”, 18 digits:6 digit for weight reading,6 digit for unit price,6 digit for total price
Unit price range:0.00 – 9999.99 $/kg or $/lb or $/oz
Total price range:0-999.99$ (limited by bar code print function, otherwise, it can be up to 9999.99$)
Working temp:0℃ ~ 40℃
Power :6V 4Ah rechargeable battery or 12V 500mA adapter with center positive
Platter size :WxD: 295X225; 11.61”x8.86”
Scale dimension:WxDxH: 295mmx340mmx110mm; 11.61”x13.4”x4.3”


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