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POS Kitchen E-Pad Video System


Kitchen E-Pad Video System: Enhance customer service and boost employee productivity with consolidated orders, timers for each order, and color-coded condiments. Easily manage large orders, recall cleared orders, and monitor processing times with built-in diagnostics and management reports.

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System Features

  • Identical items are consolidated in each order for quick reference.
  • A timer for each order shows the elapsed time each order has been displayed.
  • Condiments and elapsed order time display in different colors for quick and easy identification.
  • Large orders simply overflow to the next order box.
  • After 8 orders are displayed, additional orders are stored in memory.
  • Previously cleared orders can be recalled.
  • Production statistics report allows manager to quickly monitor processing times.
  • Built-in, on-demand diagnostics, statistics and help functions.
  • In multi-video confi gurations videos may be re-routed during peak and off-peak period

Hardware Features

  • Easy to Install
  • Low Cost Video Solution
  • Durable Membrane Switches
  • High Volume Internal Speaker
  • Supports Touch Screen Operation
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Upload/Download Program Using Compact Flash
  • 366 MHz Pentium Equivalent Processor
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • 3 USB Ports
  • 1 VGA Port
  • 1 PS/2 Port For Keyboard or Keypad
  • PC Keyboard Support For Use in Programming (Not required for standard operation.)
  • RoHS Compliant

SAM4s ECR Models Supported: ER-285M, ER-380M, ER-390M, ER-650 Series, ER-900 Series, ER-5200M Series, SPS-500 Series, SPS-2000, Tabby


The E-PAD controller unit provides 100% backward compatible software migration for all vendor applications currently running with the MicroPlus M-PAD or PC based KDS products.


The E-PAD Controller is a KDS workhorse. This miniature device is ideal for tight placement within the kitchen workplace while handling all of today’s KDS demands. (5″W x 1-3/8″H x 5″D).


The KEYPAD bump bar unit is used for reliable and durable key entry at the kitchen station. This plug-n-play device provides 4×4 key matrix for a total of 16 keys to perform all KDS functions with the press of a key. (5-3/16″W x 1-1/4″H 5-3/16″D).

Compact Flash

Easily backup programs or update software versions through the Compact Flash drive or through the serial port using the built in communication capabilities of the E-PAD.

Key Item Summary

All key item orders on or off the display can be consolidated and displayed in an easy to read highlighted ‘Key Items’ window. This summary consolidates identical main items (not  including condiments) to allow the cook or preparer to easily see the total quantity of key items for all orders displayed and pending. Up to ten key items may be listed.

Production Statistics

The Status Report provides management with detailed order processing statistics for managing productivity and customer service.

  • Separate tracking for this screen and entire store.
  • “Total Order Count” – the total number of orders cleared from the display since the last reset.
  • “Average Process Time” – the average length of time (minutes and seconds) all orders were on the display before they were cleared.
    The amount of time each order required to process is summarized into ten 30 second time frames for easy analysis. The reports can be reset at any time for hourly, peak period, shift, or daily analysis.

Easy to Install

The E-PAD Controller is a snap to install with no jumpers or internal settings. Use the confi guration menu to select your preferred vendor‘s built-in KDS software application. Then plug in a VGA monitor, power adapter, RS232C or Ethernet link, and your bump bar – your hardware is up and running.


Connect up to 8 E-PAD units as required for your system, using the optional E-PAD Router.


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