URS Tech-Monitor

Tech-Monitor is a cutting edge technology that allows real time monitoring of client's critical systems (point of sale stations, servers, etc.) Tech-Monitor is installed in your system and report any potential problem to URS technicians. This allows us to remotely monitior and find a solution to the problem before your system becomes inoperative.
You can purchase Tech-Monitor for a monthly fee per station.

URS Global-Help

Global-Help is our customer remote support service. During normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm *pacific time) our technicians are ready to assist you with questions related to your point of sale system, cash register, retail scale, security system or computer network. We use the latest technology that allows us to access* your computer or point of sale station and remotely control the system to trouble-shoot, repair, or train you and your employees. You can pay Global-Help time in advance and save money in technical support/training, or pay as needed in 30 minute increments.
Call us for a current quote on Global-Help *Broadband internet connection is required.

Repair Services

When a cash register, scale, point of sale equipment fails, you need it repaired quickly and correctly on the first service call. URS staff technicians have over 40 years of combined experience in servicing point of sale, cash register, scale, and computer equipment. We have a large inventory of replacement parts to better serve our customers. Customers with a URS service contract receive priority attention and loaner equipment (if available) to minimize disruption of their operation.

The cost of P.M or R.S service is based on the number of devices (computers, registers, scanners, printers, etc.) on your system.

Preventive Maintenance

On-site preventive maintenance can be scheduled to keep your system up and running. Periodic maintenance that includes system cleaning is important to prevent your system from overheating and other issues that can damage your equipment

Maintenance Contract Options

Maintenance Contract available for Ventura, Santa Barbara and LA. Counties only.


  •  Global-Help: Included 400 Min./year
  •  Tech-Monitor: Included   
  •   Preventive Maintenance: Upon Request 
  •  Repair Service: Upon Request       
  •  Back-Up: Not Included
  •  Parts: Not Included
  •  Price:  Call for Price


  • Global-Help: Included Unlimited
  • Tech-Monitor: Included   
  • Preventive Maintenance: Included
  • Repair Service: Included
  • Back-Up: Included
  • Parts: Not Included
  • Price:  Call for Price


  • Global-Help: Included Unlimited
  • Tech-Monitor: Included   
  • Preventive Maintenance: Included
  • Repair Service: Included
  • Back-Up: Included
  • Parts: Included
  • Price:  Call for Price

Service and Training Labor Rates

Service and Training Labor Rates
In-House Hourly Service Rate
$120/Hour. 1 Hour Minimum
In-House Scale Service Rate
$125/Hour. 1 Hour Minimum
On-Site Services. (Services requested to be performed at customer location)
$120/Hour + Trip Charge
On-Site Scale Services. (Services requested to be performed at customer location)
$125/Hour + Trip Charge
Trip Charge Oxnard Area
Trip Charge Ventura & Camarillo Areas
Any Other location In/Out of Ventura County
$2 per mile Includes technician travel time