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To gain maximum benefits of working with a POS dealer to purchase your first POS system, it’s important to make sure you are partnering with the right company.

Here are important questions to ask to help determine whether a POS dealer has the particular expertise you need.

Is the dealer familiar with your industry?

Some POS dealers specialize in hospitality, others in retail or niche POS markets. Find one with expertise in your market or industry

How long has the dealer been in business?

Experienced, established dealers are more likely to have more reliable support and service processes in place, in addition to having greater industry expertise.

Can the dealer provide references?

Dealers should be willing to provide names and contact information of clients they have worked with.
Speak to those with businesses similar to yours.

What does their support contract look like?

Thoroughly understand the support and service levels the POS dealer will provide.

How much training will they provide?

Ask about the training the POS dealer provides, as well as the training format, whether in person at your business, at a seminar or workshop, or online.

Do they automatically update or backup the system?

Updates ensure you are using the most current version of your software, with the most updated security, and data backup provides assurance that data can be restored in event of a catastrophic loss. Ensure the POS dealer can arrange to handle these services.

One More Question

There is one more thing you need to ask when choosing the right POS dealer before making a POS system purchase.

Does the dealer specialize in more than one product?

POS dealers who are solutions providers/consultants can provide you with total solutions that are customized for your business. They are distinctly different from salesman peddling just one product, and they are better suited to helping you find the right POS system that will provide the most value to your business.

Deciding to purchase your POS system from a POS dealer that you have carefully vetted to be the right partner for your business will ensure you deploy state-of-the-art technology that addresses your business challenges and goals and that you also have ongoing support and services to help you get the most out of your investment.
URS provides Time Tested solutions!

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