How to make your waiters sell more

How to make your waiters sell more

Did you know that 70% of people who go to a restaurant do not know what to order? What if you create strategies to suggest those dishes that generate more profitability or that you want to position.

If the waiters know the menu and can describe a dish or drink to the perfection in such a way that they can seduce your customers, you will have achieved the goal.

 If you want your waiters to be the ambassadors of your restaurant, keep these aspects in mind:

 In the depths of your kitchen (Knowledge of the menu):

The fundamental reason that your waiters know in depth the menu is that they can offer the customer a dish that meets their expectations. Always train on the new dishes, ingredients and drinks that you include in it. Invite them to spend a day in the kitchen to observe how the preparation of the dishes is and give them to try your products.

Avoid that your waiters fall into the error of ordering dishes for your customers, the suggested sale is made with the goal of adding food or drink to what the customer is already ordering.

  More and more knowledge (Training):

It is essential that you are constantly training your servers in matters related to the sector and their work, as well as in the new dishes that you incorporate into your menu. You should also evaluate that this knowledge is applied to your daily work. If for example you want to know how they serve, you can do activities where everyone participates, each one serves a dish and together they make the corresponding corrections or include actions with incognito customers that evaluate specific issues and finally apply the necessary corrections.

 • Make them happy (Design wellness plans):

When we love what we do, we become an ambassador for it. For this reason you should focus on having a decent treatment and developing a wellness plan with your administration team. They can be bonuses, discounts to consume in your restaurant (you can also include your family members), commissions- when you increase sales-, integrations, discount plans with products from your suppliers or strategic allies; among others that apply for the specific needs of your employees.

The above works if it is accompanied by a humane treatment with the staff. You must understand that you work with people and that each one carries certain responsibilities and problems that may affect their work performance. Worry more for them; call them by their name, ask them for their aspirations and thus you will be able to establish a point of connection between what they want in their personal and work life.

  Apply! (Suggested sales techniques):

This technique seeks to offer diners a good purchase, to take the best experience and generate more profitability for your business.

In these techniques, the knowledge of the menu and the way your waiters suggest a purchase plays a fundamental role. For example, it is not the same for your waiter to ask: "Then they will not order drinks" to say "we recommend a jug of seasonal juice for the ordered dish".

 If you take into account these recommendations you will achieve more committed waiters with your work and this will be reflected in the satisfaction of the client and your sales.


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