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Customer Experience

In today’s competitive environment, it’s important to provide the types of experiences your customers want — so they aren’t tempted to shop with the competition.

What do your customers want most, and how can your POS software maximize their satisfaction?

Speed and accuracy at the checkout No one wants to wait in line. Customers want fast, efficient services at the point of sale. Using self-service kiosks is one way to improve the speed and accuracy of service.

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Flexible, secure payment

Can your POS handle a variety of different payment methods and keep your customers’ sensitive financial information secure? An embedded POS is especially secure because files cannot be downloaded or uploaded — so viruses or spyware can’t be installed, and data can’t be stolen.

Robust inventory control

Robust inventory control

Make sure you stay fully stocked with essentials and popular items so you never have to send customers away disappointed.

Engagement and connection

Engagement and connection

You may want to consider choosing a POS system that supports a customer facing display or digital signage. This can assist with upselling opportunities by providing product images and messages and keeping customers engaged as they wait in line. Your POS system should also give you the ability to reward customers through a loyalty program and to collect data that helps you personalize service and promotions.

Installation, Training, and Support

Regardless of the type of POS system you choose or the features it offers, you will need installation, training, and support services to properly deploy your system and get the most value from it. Finding the right dealer to provide these services can be just as vital as finding the right technology. Some questions to ask your dealer:

Do they have extensive installation experience?

Specialty POS installation can have issues and requirements that are as unique as your business itself. Is your prospective dealer well-versed in serving specialty retail markets like yours?

What kind of training do they offer?

You can have a POS system with the greatest features in the world, but if you and your employees don’t know how to run it, it won’t benefit your business. Find out if software training is included in the installation services to help you take full advantage of all your system has to offer.

How good is their support?

Problems and IT failures are bound to occur at some point. Look for a dealer that offers reliable and responsive support to minimize downtime and keep your business operating.

Will you need uninstall services?

In some cases, such as large temporary or seasonal events you may require uninstallation assistance when it’s over. Ensure that the dealer you choose to work with will offer this as part of your package.

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