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Award winning POS solution. Available in an embedded version for more reliability, in a windows version for more flexibility, and a tablet version for more mobility. Ideal for any restaurant to succeed.

Tabby 4web

Tabby provides features similar to those found on sophisticated SAM4s electronic cash registers. Operation is simple; tablet savvy operators can be trained in minutes.


Cash Registers

We have a variety of different Cash Registers depending on what you are looking to achieve with your business.
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The SPS-2000 features a touch screen ERC which makes manuvering through tables and checks easier. Each SPS-2000 includes a magnetic card reader and a rear customer display. These essential components are significantly more expensive when added on to a bare-bones terminal. Design a facsimile of your restaurant floor plan placing tables in up to five areas – main floor, bar, counter, patio, or other serving locations.
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SPS-500 Series

Featuring a hybrid design, SAM4s has combined fast and simple ECR keyboard entry with an intuitive touch screen operator display. The SPS-500 is easily configured for your food, beverage, and restaurant business. SPS-500 provides the functions and options you need to meet your point of sale needs.
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SPS-300 Series

Preset PLUs facilitate fast, spill-resistant and accurate registrations. With 150 key locations, the flat keyboard can easily accommodate large menus with preset keys for each item. Where menus change daily with breakfast, lunch or dinner times, the key-sheet under the overlay is easily exchanged.
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ER-900 Series

Two-line alpha-numeric display shows each item as it is entered. Connects to popular POS peripherals. Food Service includes Quick Service, Sandwich, IceCream, Deli, Cafeteria and Concession stands. Flat keyboard to include as many products as possible.
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The ER-390M is a perfect choice for any small food service business. The quiet, high-speed thermal printer provides receipts that match the quality of high-cost POS equipment. Built-in memory can be assigned to capture transaction information for later sorting and review (electronic journal.) The flexible ER-390M keyboard can be configured with the exact functions you require, providing security, cash control and critical sales information.
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A low-cost commercial grade electronic cash register with high speed thermal printing. A compact low-cost electronic cash register to meet the needs of many small businesses. The ER-285M features an all metal cash drawer with two media slots and security drawer lock. A standard SD card slot allows you to save programs and reports with an SD memory card.
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