What are embedded POS system?

hisense Embedded POS systems are designed to carry out a specific task – running the point of sale – eliminating the operator’s ability to engage in non-work related activities while using the device.


 About Embedded Point of Sale Systems


• POS software is developed specifically for the POS hardware it is being run on.

 • The POS software is pre-loaded on solid state or flash memory chips inside your device. This means that an embedded POS system can be “plug and play” because it is already equipped to handle your business needs at the time of purchase.

 • Embedded POS systems provide a variety of benefits that can enhance the security of your POS environment.

 • Embedded POS systems also demonstrate intuitive and easy-to-use equipment and interfaces. Ease-of-use POS systems will increase your business’s productivity and decrease the amount of time you have to spend re-training your staff.

 • An embedded POS system often offers a lower total cost of ownership when compared to PC-based point of sale systems.



Why Merchants Should Use an Embedded POS System?

 For merchants, the need for a reliable POS system is irrefutable. They speed up the check out process, efficiently manage inventory, and monitor sales so that business owners can keep a pulse on what is happening within their daily operations. Unfortunately, POS Systems can also potentially require a good amount of costly upkeep. With the myriad of POS options available in today’s marketplace, selecting the right POS system to meet your business needs can be a daunting task.

 For many business owners who want an affordable, low maintenance POS system, embedded POS systems are a very viable option. Let’s explore what an embedded POS system is and the benefits it can provide for your business.

 If you are looking for an option that suits your budget and the requirements of your business, URS is here to advise you, call us.


taken from the e-book: embedded  POS by NCC USA.

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