EMV Transition: Pros

More Secure Transactions:

The increased security features enabled via chip cards will help reduce fraudulent transactions. Merchants themselves will suffer fewer losses, and they will also limit the exposure of honest customers’ card data to thieves who “skim” information from magnetic stripe cards.

Making the customer payment process convenient, quick, and secure is about as close to a “business basic” as it’s possible to be. Retail and hospitality companies have the added incentive of minimizing transaction costs whenever and wherever possible, while at the same time mitigating their own risks around data security and loss liability.

cloud serviceThere are a few different approaches to adopting Cloud Solutions:

1. Hosted Cloud Solution

A hosted cloud solution exists when not only all of the company’s data is stored in the cloud, but also their application, and all accompanying services. While this is a great way to free up space on POS hardware, it puts the full burden of the business operations on the internet connection.

cloudBy this point, you’ve probably heard about the cloud, and you may even be utilizing some of its services. From Netflix, to iCloud, to social media, cloud services are all around us. These services can transform a business is many ways.

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